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Waterproof Seal for iPhone Repair | Robust Quality

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7 day return-refund warranty: Applicable

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Waterproof Seal for iPhone Repair

  • Waterproof – Dustproof Seal for iPhone(s)
  • Crafted from OEM high-quality materials
  • Creates a robust barrier between iPhone housing and LCD/OLED screens
  • Effectively wards off dust and water particles
  • Features high-quality elastic adhesive rubber for precise sealing
  • Available for models ranging from iPhone 6 series to iPhone 13 Series
  • Perfect solution to restore device’s waterproof and dust-proof capabilities

Waterproof Seal for iPhone Repair, Recommendation:

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of applying waterproof seals after iPhone repairs. While it protects internal components from dust and moisture, the seal also reduces the risk of screen damage. An iPhone repaired without this  seal will always have a little play (or looseness), making the screen vulnerable to further damages. Moreover, search the internet to learn the correct application process from professionals worldwide, as explained by “Restore Technique” in one of their YouTube videos.

*Visit our iPhone battery repair guide, to understand the replacement process and avoid mistakes.

Important Note for Waterproof Seal

This seal is designed for single use. Once it comes into contact with the iPhone screen and is lifted, it becomes damaged and requires replacement.