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iPhone Unknown Part Error

iPhone Unknown Part Error Message

After parts replacement in iPhone

Why and when it happens?

Basic knowledge about the "unknown part" error

How to Fix?

Official fix to remove the Error/Message Alert

Local Hack (scam!)

Boosting/Manipulating battery data, what's the reality?

Debug iPhone unknown part error

Why and when it happens?​

The “unknown Part” error or “iPhone Genuine battery Message Alert” occurs due to Apple’s software lock on third party repairs. Meaning that if you replace your iPhone battery from any technician other than Apple Authorized Service Provider than this error will appear.
Keep in mind, this software lock is not limited to the battery only, its same for other components too such as camera, screen, etc. iPhone users believe that this happens when a fake, copy, or non-Apple component is installed, this perception is completely wrong. iPhones have no ability to tell whether the installed battery (or other component) is a fake or an original. What actually happens is that your stock battery’s serial number is embedded with the software and only Apple Inc. has the authority to properly fix and remove that error. This error basically identifies that the battery has been replaced by a third party and not by Apple store/Apple Authorized Service Providers.
This software lock is only applicable on iPhone(s) SE (2nd & 3rd Gen), XR, XS, XS Max; and 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 series. As of now users of iPhone SE (1st Gen), 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 series;  and iPhone X don’t have to worry about this software lock.

How to Fix?

As explained above that the battery health error is a software lock and the key to this lock lies with Apple only. For instance, if you replace with a genuine Apple battery taken out from another iPhone, it would still show ‘unknown part error’.  Therefore, this issue can only be resolved by replacing your iPhone battery from an Authorized Apple Repair Shop by paying a premium price. Visit this link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210323 to find your nearest Apple store or to contact Apple support.

Local Hack (scam!)

Chinese engineers and technicians came up with a hack to get rid of the iPhone’s battery message after replacement. REWA Technology has explained the process (of this hack) quite well in one of their YouTube video, first watch the video below before you read further. 

Basically, boosting/Manipulating battery data may solve the issue of battery error temporarily but that doesn’t means that the phone has started to communicate with the new battery, its still reading the (manipulated) data of the old BMS board and after usage of few weeks the battery health will rapidly drain and drop down to the old battery health percentage or even show service error.

Individual sellers or technicians commonly employ this unethical tactic to deceive customers and boost profits by asserting that a particular iPhone is brand new or that the replaced battery is authentic Apple.


Our Recommendations

A battery has a life of 500 cycles, after 500 cycles the lithium ion cells and all the components on the BMS board such as temperature control IC, dual IC protection, over-charge and over discharge ICs has completed most of its life and is no more reliable. Installing the same board in a new battery, you can imagine what kind of damage it would do to your phone, it won’t be wrong if we say that 20% of our customers are facing charging IC issues due to wrong or unnecessary repairs done, using bad/ low quality  charging accessories, over-using your stock battery or getting kit iPhones.

Therefore, we believe that the local hack/ boosted battery is just a gimmick and provides zero value to customers  and only benefits sellers of used/Kit iPhones. Since, you know that battery error message has no effect on battery performance and the local hack is just a gimmick and also damages your phone in the long run, the best recommendation is to stay away from such hacks, and used components. Only use branded and new components.

In the case, where the battery message really does annoy you and our High Capacity Batteries (HCB) also doesn’t entice you, the right option for you is to get your battery replaced from an authorized Apple repair shop or Apple store itself, there is no other way out!